Ok so by now we’re guessing you’ve already checked out our films section and are now wondering what goodies can be added to your wedding film. Well you’re in the right place, we call them enhancements. We’ve got a bunch of really cool stuff you can add to your film and here are some of the enhancements we offer.

Teaser trailer
A 1-2 minute movie style trailer which shows a glimpse and special preview of your day when your film is in the process of being edited. This is available online to share with your friends and families and is also added to your DVD. You can see some of our teaser trailers here.

Save the date film
This is a great way to celebrate your engagement or to send to your friends and families to “save the date” for your up coming wedding.

Groom Preparations
Why not add some shots of the groom and groomsmen getting ready on the day. This is a great way for any bride to see what exactly the guys get up to on the run up to the wedding ceremony.

High Definition Blu-ray disk
We shoot all our wedding films in High Definition and there is no better way to view and preserve your wedding than in High Definition. So it’s a no brainer to get some High Definition Blu-ray disks of your wedding film.

iPad, iPhone, iPod version of your wedding film
A great way to share your wedding film with your friends and families is by having it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. No problem we can do that too.

USB Key/Flash Drive version of your wedding film
Just like having your film on a High Definition Blu-ray disk we can also provide you with your wedding film on a USB Key/Flash Drive.  Allowing you to watch and share your film with your families and friends on your television, computer, media box or even games console.

Highlights film
Our 3-4 minute highlights films are extremely popular and can also be added to any of our Feature Films.

Additional coverage
This one is pretty much as it reads, we can provide additional coverage as required. This may be extended coverage of your evening reception or special events leading up to your wedding, (standard coverage is approximately 8 hours).

Destination weddings
We are also available for weddings around the world. Please contact us directly to discuss your plans.

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