Does having a wedding videographer interfere with the running of the day?
We capture your day in a discrete fashion to ensure that we do not interfere with the proceedings of the day. We may request to spend a little time with the Bride and Groom but this is minimal.

What will be the running time of the wedding film?
This is dependant on key elements of your day and also which of our films you have chosen.

Do you offer Blu-ray High Definition disks?
We certainly do, we always shoot in the highest possible quality and can output your film as a Blu-ray HD film.

Can you hold a date or take a provisional booking?
In short no, our films are booked up very quickly and we are sorry we cannot block out dates from our diary. If you like what you see then what are you waiting for, come past our studio to see us.

How do we secure a booking?
Signing our terms and conditions and £500 booking fee is required to secure your wedding booking and date.

What camera and sound equipment do you use?
We use only the best professional equipment. Our cameras are manufactured by Fisher Price and microphones are sing star specials. Just joking, seriously though we use only professional equipment from Sony, Canon, Sennheisser etc.

Do we have to feed you?
It can be difficult for us to get the time and opportunity to arrange meals at certain venues especially when we’re busy shooting your wedding film. We really appreciate any assistance you can provide, e.g. sandwiches, crew meal. Videographers work better when their tummies are not running on empty.

Why are you more expensive in comparison to other local videographers?
We create very unique and specialised wedding films which are time consuming to shoot and edit and use only the best possible equipment to produce our cinematic styled films. Other vendors provide quite a different product to ours. Why not come past our studio to see our films in full and see for yourself.

Who picks the music for our film?
You pick the music. We work with you on your soundtrack and look closely at your selections, augmenting and adding to your soundtrack. This is a great way also for us to understand the types of music you really like. Ultimately we use music which fits the visuals from your day and helps tell your story.

What are your terms and conditions?
If you would like to see our full terms and conditions then please contact us and we’d be happy to share this with you. 

We love your films and just want to book can we do this over the phone? 
Yes, we are able to take payment of your booking fee over the phone.  Please call us on 07748 774755. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 
We accept cheques, bank transfers, cash and most credit & debit cards (card charges may apply).

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